Public Liability Insurance

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If you are thinking about running a business, you will need to consider getting public liability insurance.  This policy covers you should there be an incident with a member of the general public or your client and a claim is made against you.  A claim can be made if a person suffers damages or even personal injury while on your property.  They can also make a claim if their property is damaged while they are at your premises.  They may also be able to bring a claim against you if you are providing your services on their property or are working at a particular event in the UK.

It is important to note that on many occasions liability claims for compensation are made from such incidents.  As such, making sure that you have proper liability cover will protect you against any such claims which can lead to a legal process that is very costly.  Public liability cover is an insurance policy  that is available for a Corporate entities, Tradesmen – sole trader or partnerships and Small to Medium Enterprises as well.  We are able to provide this cover at a competitive premium and you do not have to worry about hidden costs. 

One of the best things you can do for yourself right now is to browse our site and make comparisons online before getting buying the cover.  It is important that you compare quotes and then to buy after weighing your options. Our website offers you value for money and gives you free quotes with no obligations attached.  With our free easy quotes you can compare pricing and make an informed decision before purchasing the policy.  Get good deals and buy using our self serve option or by calling us.

Our tradesman / self employed liability insurance cover can be obtained very quickly.  Simply get a quote from our website and if you have questions, you can quickly look for answers in our FAQs  or call us if that works better for you.  By clicking on the trade links below, you will find some detailed information regarding the insurance cover for that trade. Not only can you get fast easy reliable quotes, you can buy and then immediately download the policy documents.

Liability insurance cover is an excellently simple idea and money well spent, because even though you have to pay the premiums, it is cheaper than having to make compensation payments to someone for personal damage, injury or out of pocket expenses.  Get instant quotes here!