Carpet Shop Insurance provides instant on-line insurance quotes for carpet shop owners. We also cater for Oriental and Persian carpet shops. Our quotes can be easily tailored by the carpet shop owner to suit their demands and needs within one of our insurance policies.

Optional covers you may need for your Carpet Shop

  • Cover against the damage or theft of the goods being delivered to your client’s premises, in your own or in hired vehicles. This event can be covered by adding the goods in transit cover to your quote / policy.
  • To cover your public liability exposure whilst working away from your premises include the work away extension to your quote / policy. This covers you against damage to your client’s property when you are fitting and or installing floor furnishings. This work away extension also covers you when you employ subcontractors for this aspect of your business should you find out that you had some exposure due to a gap in their own policy and you are being held liable / responsible for their actions.

To get an instant tailored policy to cover your needs




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