Grocers Insurance

For a busy Grocer you can obtain free no obligation 24/7 instant quotes for your business at the press of few buttons. The quote can be tailored to your needs at your leisure and it cover all your prized assets be it the buildings & the shop or the contents on their own.

Some optional covers you may need as an owner of a Grocery shop:

  • Frozen food cover: You may wish to add this cover to guard against the financial loss if your freezer breaks down or the power to the freezer unit is accidentally switched off.
  • Goods in transit: cover your goods against theft or damage while on the way back from the cash and carry.
  • Loss of Liquor licence: Covers your financial loss should you lose your licence to sell alcohol through no fault of your own or that of your employees.

To get an instant tailored policy to cover your needs.

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