Bakers Insurance

As a baker you probably work unsociable hours and the last thing you need is to look for insurance quotes. Therefore why not use our 24/7 instant quote system to obtain a tailored policy for your Bakery needs.

Some optional covers you may need as a Baker:

  • Equipment Breakdown: Should any of your machines breakdown including your oven then this will cause you a lot of hassle and stress as well as financial loss. This extension covers the repair and or replacement of the equipment as well as the loss in gross profit as a result of this breakdown.
  • Frozen food cover: You may wish to add this cover to guard against the financial loss if your freezer breaks down or the power is accidentally switched off.
  • Goods in transit: to cover your goods against theft or damage on the way back from the cash and carry, or whilst delivering food.

To get an instant tailored policy to cover your needs


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